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Pure raw materials

One of the largest areas of groundwater is located in the Lahti region. Fresh groundwater filtered by the ridges of Salpausselkä is available as tap water and used by Hartwall, Viking Malt, Teerenpeli, bakeries and local microbreweries in production.

The best groundwater in the world and clean grain from Päijät-Häme

Due to the excellent quality of groundwater, its flavour does not need to be masked. The groundwater of the Lahti region is said to be the best in the world and of so high quality that it is bottled and exported to international markets.

The clean soil and unpolluted air guarantee the best growth environment for clean and high-quality grains. Monitoring the quality of grain is a constant process, which is performed in close collaboration with farmers and food companies. High-quality and clean raw materials are the best basis for various tasty drinks and countless products familiar from the bread and flour selections of stores made in Päijät-Häme.

The fresh groundwater flowing deep in Salpausselkä is pumped in Renkomäki from a depth of 20 metres directly to the Hartwall brewery. High-quality water is one of the reasons why Hartwall’s production facility is located in Lahti. Water is used in the production of all products, which is why its quality has to be excellent.

The product safety of grains is guaranteed by the grain passport, a document included in all grain shipments. It includes information on the batch and its production, storage and transportation. With the grain passport, information about individual batches of grain are transmitted from the producer to the food industry, which makes it easier to trace different batches.


Watch the video to see how Lahti Aqua looks after the best groundwater in the world.